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Verge, Le Verge, Vergé or The Verge may refer to:


  • David Vergé
  • Jack Verge (died 1915), Australian rugby union player
  • John Verge (1782–1861), English architect, builder and pioneer settler of New South Wales, Australia
  • Lynn Verge (born c. 1951), Canadian lawyer and politician
  • Marianne Le Verge (born 1979), French former swimmer who competed in the 1996 Summer Olympics
  • Roger Vergé (1930–2015), French chef and restaurateur
  • Wade Verge, 21st century Canadian politician
  • William E. Verge (1901–1973), United States Navy rear admiral



  • The Verge (XM), a Canadian satellite radio station
  • The Verge, a technology news network
  • The Verge, a live videogame news and review TV programme on Vuzu in South Africa

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